History & Facts

Grade Levels

9th - 12th Grade

School Colors

Hunter Green, Black and White



School Motto

Soar Into Your Destiny


Lake Ridge High School's mission is to create a united educational environment that embraces and encourages individual differences and learning styles, preparing students for a life of progressive integrity.


At Lake Ridge High School we are committed to 5 core values that reflect our commitment to our Mission Statement.  These values are listed and defined as followed:

  • Integrity - Consistently being honest and making ethical choices displaying reliability and responsibility, regardless or the audience or setting.
  • Moral Character - The foundation of one's principles that define right from wrong and lead us to decisions that reflect concern for others regardless of external factors.
  • Universal Respect - Demonstrate courtesy, care, and concern while acknowledging individuality.
  • Service - Selfless actions which help to improve the lives and environment of school and community in a way that benefits the whole with no expectation of reciprocation.
  • Servant Leadership - Modeling the behavior of selfless giving to the group for the greater good in a "we" is greater than "me" approach that sets an example for others to follow.


To be a preeminent high school that sets the benchmark for excellence in academics, athletics, the arts and service!

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