After School Dismissal Plan

Beginning Friday, August 20th, Lake Ridge will implement the following after school dismissal plan:

  • Families will park in the various lots around our school to pick students up instead of lining up along the main driveway.  Please only park in parking spaces.  Parking in our fire lanes in front of the gym and cafeteria are strictly prohibited.
  • We will block off the main driveway entrance (the center entrance) and families will enter at either the north driveway (by the band hall) or the south driveway (by the baseball field.)
  • Families can park in the band, gym, or rear parking lots to pick up their students.
  • The main driveway and the north and south driveway exit lanes will remain open for exit.
  • The cones at point A (in the map linked below) will be removed at 2:55 pm to allow parents to exit via the main driveway.
  • Please see this map for a visual representation of the Lake Ridge High School Dismissal plan.

When traffic in the front circle backs up onto the surrounding streets, it prevents the buses from being able to access our campus.  That results in late departures from our campus which delays bus runs at the feeder campuses as well.  Thank you for adhering to this new plan.