Support Staff

Patricia Becht


Shuvonda Bledson

Attendance Clerk

Mary Bolton

ARD Facilitator

Dayne Boudreaux

FALS Aide (SpEd)

Patty Broderick

Counseling Secretary

Katherine Chandanais

FALS Aide (SpEd)

Rhonda Cheatham


Andy Chen

Campus Support Technician, (Lake Ridge HS)

Timothy Cox

ISS Aide

Luis Delgado

Success Aide

Brittany Deloney

FALS Aide (SpEd)

Jessie Dennis

FALS Aide (SpEd)

Loc Do

Police Officer

Tracy Franklin

Administrative Assistant to Ms. Alloway

Denise Gonzalez-Hernandez

Health Aide

Stasia Hall

SpEd 1:1 Aide

Kenneth Hatley

SpEd Aide

Ashley Hendricks

Administrative Assistant to Ms. Brannon & Mr. Pugh

Tiffany Holley

Reading Specialist

Susan Jantz


Tricia Johnson

School Nurse, RN

Crystal Lewinson

Content Mastery

Elizabeth Llanes

Administrative Assistant (Facilities) to Mr. Romaguera

Ginger McKay

Library Aide

Shernita McMillan


Margaret Moorman


Marcus Murphy

Special Education Aide

Karen O'Neal

Diagnostician Clerk

Zulma Perez

Attendance Clerk

Bill Phillips

SpEd 1:1 Aide

Shade Phlegm-Brice

Administrative Assistant to Mr. Planas and Ms. Solfermoser

Melissa Rawlins

SPED Success Aide

Brittany Rhoades

Computer Aide / GO Center Clerk

Shelbee Richardson

Police Officer

Ebony Rogers

FALS Aide (SpEd)

Sharon Samuel


Marci Sinor

Data/ Instructional Specialist

Tisherria Starnes

Administrative Assistant to Mrs. Mabry-Smith

Joshua Trevino

SpEd 1:1 Aide

Robin Warman

Speech Language Pathologist

Jessie Williams


Portia Williams

ISS Aide