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Dress Code

2018-2019 Student Dress and Grooming
(All Grade Levels) Revised May 2018

Shirts & Tops

  • Halter, tube, and tank tops, as well as tops with large armholes and muscle shirts are not allowed. Additionally, all shirts/blouses/tops must cover cleavage, the entire back, and midriff.
  • The middle section (midriff) of the body must be covered at all times including during reasonable movement. Tops that are sleeveless must measure 2 inches or more across the shoulders. Transparent and/or see-through material is considered unacceptable unless worn over another article of clothing that meets dress code.
  • Layering of shirts or tops is acceptable provided the combination of clothing meets the above standards throughout the school day.
  • Students will not wear clothing with pictures, emblems, or writing that is lewd, offensive, suggestive, vulgar, obscene, or that advertises or depicts tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, pornography, or any other prohibited items.
  • Any clothing, accessories, symbols, jewelry, or paraphernalia that depicts or suggests association with a gang, criminal organization, or secret society shall not be worn or brought to school or in any way be present at any school-sponsored event.
  • Appropriately sized coats and jackets may be worn to school, but campus administration may require the item to be stored in the student’s lockers.

Pants, Dresses, Skirts, Skorts, & Shorts

  • Jeans and pants with holes or frayed material, which reveals any area of skin or undergarments above fingertip length, are considered inappropriate.
  • Pants, shorts, skorts, and skirts that do not fit at the waistline are inappropriate. No sagging is allowed.
  • Spandex, tights, leggings / jeggings, and yoga style clothing will be allowed only if they are worn under pants, shorts, skorts, dresses, and skirts that are fingertip length front and back all theway around.
  • Dresses, skirts, skorts, and shorts length must be measure fingertip length front to back all the way around while sitting and standing.
  • Dresses, skirts, skorts, and shorts length must be measured from the top of the slit.
  • Pajamas, bathrobes, and or sleepwear are not allowed. Underwear, muscle shirts, half shirts, or any other clothing similar to undergarments may not be visible.
  • Sliding/Biking/Compression shorts may not be worn unless covered by dress code approved shorts.

The following may not be worn during the school day:

  •  Any type of head covering to include: caps, hats, berets, head scarfs (unless for medical or religious reasons), hoods (hoodie), Du rags, kerchiefs, or visors.
  • Sunglasses (unless medical documentation or administrator approval is provided).
  • Blankets or throws.
  • Bandanas (as a head covering or headband).
  • Ear muffs
  • Visible piercings with the exception of the ears and one single piercing on the face.
  • Any accessories, symbols, jewelry, tattoos, or paraphernalia, which depicts or suggests association with a gang, secret society/fraternity, inappropriate or derogatory language, racism, or sexual connotations and or deemed distracting.
  • Chains or wallets with chains.
  • Spiked jewelry.
  • Any shoes that aren’t considered safe (cleats, shoes with wheels, house or slippers/shoes).
  • Mouth accessories to include: “grillzs” or Dracula teeth.
  • Eye contacts that are cat eyes or Halloween/costume style contacts.
  • Costumes (unless approved by a school organized activity).
  • Hair that causes a health or safety hazard and or a disruption of the school environment

Campus Administration has final judgment on whether or not a student is in compliance with the dress code.

Fees & Fines


iPad Resources

iPad Deployment for New Students

New students must sign an iPad user agreement and pay the deposit fee to the bookkeeper.
iPad deposit fees are as follows:
  • $50 for students on regular lunch
  • $25 for students with reduced lunch
  • $10 for students on free lunch
Once the deposit is paid, students will receive an iPad information sheet from the bookkeeper.
Students will submit their iPad information sheet to Mr. Dean.
The date for iPad deployment will be announced soon.


Testing & Exams

Testing and Exams

Students that need to take a STAAR EOC exam in December will be notified during the month of October.  They will receive a tutoring schedule to help them prepare for the exam(s).  The December testing schedule is:

Tuesday, December 10th - English 1

Wednesday, December 11th - Algebra 1 and US History

Thursday, December 12th - English 2 and Biology

Friday, December 13th - Makeups (If any student is scheduled to take 2 exams being given on the same day, they will take one of them on Friday, December 13th.)

Tutoring Schedule

English 1 Tutoring


Tutoring Schedule

Please see the tutoring schedule for times and room numbers for available tutors.